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With Amity Labs To Build Your Computing Facility

Yes, Central Oregon is one of the best places in the world to establish a mining or computing facility. Amity Labs is the local family-owned Oregonian business who can work with you to plan, build, and operate such a facility in a stable and reliable manner. Here is the spectrum of what we can help you with:


Site Selection & Acqiusition
Site Preparation
Project Planning & Budgeting
Facility Planning & Design
Facility Optimization
Power Sourcing
Approvals & Permitting
Contractor Selection
ASIC & Equipment Sourcing

Contractor/Construction Management:
  - Structural & Grounds
  - Electrical Service (Primary Side)
  - Interior Electrical (Secondary Side)
  - Cooling, Ventillation & Air Quality
  - Rack & Equipment Installation
  - Control & Data Systems
  - Security
Control, Compliance & Auditing

Plant Commissioning & Ramp-up
Performance Monitoring
Personel Recruitment
Personel Training
Equipment Maintenance
Improvements & Expansion
Compliance & Auditing

Many communities in central OR & WA are economically distressed. They have been bypassed by the wave of modern economic growth based on knowledge + capital.

You can enable these communities to benefit from the surge in blockchain computing and other intensive computing applications such as AI hosting.

Amity Labs is actively looking for investors to implement new, cutting-edge blockchain computing projects.  The combination of expertise and funding can bring many economic and employment benefits to the communities which created such good enviroment for mining in the first place.

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