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Where Miners Go To

Find Equipment And

Get Problems Solved

Amity Labs built one of the first large bitcoin mines in Oregon. We’ve faced the challenges of mining for years and we know how to solve them.  Our goal is to make this expertise available to you as ready-to-use products and services. We’ve helped facilities large or small with all key aspects of setting up and running reliably.

Amity Labs cryptocurrency mining power supplies stand out by their reliability and performance.  

They feature a patent-pending harnessing / shielding technology we developed in our facility to address the problems exhibited by the alternatives under actual operating conditions.

Our power supplies are assembled in the USA, and power tens of megawatts of mining capacity worldwide.

We provide the plans to turn your site into a reliable and stable mining facility:

- Physical & Electrical Layout
- Cooling & Ventillation
- Structural & Floorplan
- Security & Systems
- Wind Tunnels & Plenums

Building a mining or hosting facility in Central Oregon/Washington? Partner with us! Amity Labs is the one local family-owned business in the Northwest that brings together key ingredients for project success:

- Deep local area knowledge
- Solid mining technical expertise

- Presence on the ground
- Ability to execute from concept to completion

Amity Labs is the one Oregon mining company leading the way in blockchain infrastructure R&D and Manufacturing. We're known for our industry innovations:

- First small-footprint low-cost “mining shed” construction
- First zero-leakage hot/cold partition for mining
- First harnessed and fully shielded server core power suply platform
- First modular stackable “full service” rack solution
- Initiator of profesional society establishment and community involvement

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