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Pioneer of Blockchain Computing in Oregon

Amity Labs a local family-owned tech company based in The Dalles, Oregon. We were founded by a MIT-trained engineer and executive, and stand out by our ability to connect different realms of technology to create new business opportunities and to achieve significant operational improvements.  


We are one of the pioneers of large-scale cryptocurrency mining in Oregon. Our systems development business gave us a head start in the blockchain space. In 2013, we were experimenting with building CPU mining rigs and modifying open source blockchain protocols. With the advent of ASICs mining in 2014, Amity Labs recognized the potential of Oregon to become a hub of blockchain computing infrastructure.


We invested heavily in building a blockchain facility that could also serve as basis for research and product development. Throughout the difficult industry years of 2015-16, we made several significant innovations to the operation and economics of blockchain data centers, such as:

  • First airtight hot-cold partitions, allowing efficient and inexpensive ambient air cooling

  • First small-scale transverse wind-tunnel "mining shed", achieving unprecedented low cost per kW

  • First engineered distribution harnesses, enabling reliable delivery of high currents to ASIC miners

  • First soldered/shielded server-core power supplies (PSUs), a better alternative to breakout boards

The latter innovation opened the door to local manufacture of mining PSUs, which quickly became recognized for their quality, performance, sturdiness, and value. By the end of 2017, Amity Labs PSUs were powering approximately 30MW of capacity worldwide, and accounted for a major share of our operations.

The power supply business is a testimonial of how blockchain computing in the right hands can be an agent for new growth and job creation in the rural Northwest. It also taught us how to be a customer-focused organization. We're proud to be one of the few eBay vendors with perfect 100% seller rating.

Going forward, Amity Labs plans to build a larger facility with additional floorspace and power to support the introduction of new products and services beyond power supplies. This project  will pioneer a new type of data center, designed for mixed use (blockchain, traditional data, advanced computing), and incorporating many of the performance features proven in blockchain computing.  


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